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  • Easy assembly
  • Solution: Based on a mix of Bleach and Water as Mild 0.05% disinfecting solution
  • External Cabin Dimensions: 86” ½ (H) x 40” (W) x 34” (D) = 2197 mm (H) x 1016 mm (W) x 864 mm (D).
  • Approx. Cabin weight: 88 Lbs. = 40 Kg
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  • Customized options availables
  • Production time: 10 working days
  • Made in USA
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Product description:

This cabin sprays a CDC- approved sanitation solution automatically over the person or objects inside for a few seconds. The solution is dispersed in the form of mist or fog of micro liquid drop particles in suspension.

For that reason, this cabin is the most effective form of complete and total sanitation on a person or object using a CDC-approved antibacterial or antiviral solution, and is a key player in combating COVID19 in our communities.

The only CDC (U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) approved solution for COVID19 pandemic is mild hand-washing solution based on a mix of Bleach and Water as Mild 0.05% disinfecting solution. Preparation instruction and handling of the suggested solution is attached in separate documentation. Please refer to all CDC guidelines for handling of disinfecting solution.

The cabin is an arc or tunnel designed for a standard 36” wide door or entrance and can be customized to fit any entry way.

Product features and mode of operation:

The cabin has one optical input or motion start sensor that begins the process and can be activated by the user passing their hand in front of it. It can also automatically detect when a person is in front of the cabin, depending on the installation configuration and modes of operation.

Once the process begins and the person steps into the cabin, the solution will spray and be controlled depending on the current mode of operation.

Three different modes of operation allow the cabin to be used as a normal timed operation (with motion detection upon entry and a time-limited spray), minimum sensor control (with motion detection upon entry and immediate stop upon exit), and maximum sensor control (with motion detection upon entry and lagged automatic stop for high traffic areas, or disinfecting shopping carts, extended assembly lines).

Product Specifications:

  • Cabin:

TD-SC36 model is designed to be placed in front of after any regular 36” regular entrance or door and fit for the use of one person or cart.

Special models can be customized to specific entrance or building requirement dimensions.

Approx. TD-SC36 External Cabin Dimensions: 86” ½ (H) x 40” (W) x 34” (D) = 2197 mm (H) x 1016 mm (W) x 864 mm (D).

Approx. Cabin weight: 88 Lbs. = 40 Kg

Inputs: 1/4in flexible water tube female push-to-connect input fitting.

Remote Controller: ability to be hung or hold a small low 5/12 VDC voltage remote controller with optical sensors and light and sound alarms.

Spray nozzles and hoses pre-installed in side panels, no extra assembly needed.

Extra 1/4in water hoses included for external remote connection.

  • Main Control Box:

AC 120V Input – Standard Line Power needed.

1/2in tube push-to-connect input for tank with solution.

1/4in tube push-to-connect output to cabin.

On/Off switch with 15 AMP current safety line circuit breaker.

Power On light indicator.

10 Positions external Aviator Connector for remote controller Box.

5 to 20 sec. timer Knob, plus two more modes of operation by setting it to the min. or max. Limits.

Approx. Main Controller weight: 3.6 Lbs. = 8 Kg

  • Assembly instructions:

Control Box and hoses included.

No need for extra parts.

Assembly instructions images attached in a separate documentation including images.

20L plastic Jug included.

Antiviral solution not included.

  • Shipping dimension and weight:

On skid or cardboard box: approx. Dimensions 89” (L) x 36” (W) x 12” (H) – 2260 mm (L) x 914 mm (W) x 304 mm (H).

Approx. weight: 98 Lbs. = 45 Kg

No need for extra parts.

Assembly instructions images attached in a separate documentation including images.

Antiviral solution not included.

Local Pickup or local delivery available.

  • Operation instructions:

Attached in a separate documentation.

Legal Notice:

The appropriate use of the Sanitizing Cabin and all its components is under total and full responsibility of the final purchaser / final user, any risks or damaged produced by the abnormal use of this product is a total responsibility of the purchaser / final user.

The Solution to be prepared and used is under total responsibility of the final user. CDC guidelines must be followed.

As for the end user solution preparation it will responsibly for any allergic reaction caused to the people using the sprayed product.

Manufacturer does not take any responsibility for the improper use or any fire hazard or damaged produced by the use of this product.

Proper installation to anchor the Cabin to the ground or fixing the Cabin to any solid structure of the building entrance is mandatory for cabin use.

Permits with local authorities or neighbor association for the installation of additional structures must be carried out and verified by the end user prior the installation.

Manufacturer is not responsible for all permits and local regulations for the use and installation of the product.

The specific solution to be sprayed in the cabin is a full responsibility of the final user and users ‘choice. We do not recommend using any solution that differs from CDC guidelines.

Although proper installation of the cabin to safely affix it to a structure will likely not cause any issues, it is recommended that the cabin be removed in the case of high-winds or hurricanes. Any damages occurred from this cabin will be the user’s responsibility.

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 42 × 36 in

12" x 12", 23.5" x 23.5", 23.5" x 31.5", 46" x 23.5", 46" x 31.5"


Acrylic Clear 3/16"


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