Blue Ink Print is a company that is dedicated to printing on different surfaces such as paper, vinyl and fabric, in response to their customers in a personal way and making them feel like real friends of our house, is based on a unique concept… it fuses vast knowledge and years of experience in printing and marketing, to deliver to its customers the  highest quality products, leading edge designs, innovation with personalized service, and impeccable customer attention.Our services and products are geared to enable customers, designers, marketers, and event planners to have their designs and themes printed in almost every material;  fabric, wallpaper, vinyl, stickers, card stock  paper, etc.  Your logo, your pattern , your ad, your theme…

Your design – anywhere. If you are a decorator, a marketer, an event planner, or simply someone who likes to make things special you can choose a theme from our templates or upload one yourself and have it applied to different materials to create a unique decor, a stunning collection, a memorable event or a marketing campaign that will stand out.Blue Ink Print is known for its exclusive collection of breathtaking patterns and prints.  Our online store features a glimpse of the collection.

You can contact us or visit our showroom to use our coloring software with which you can customize and personalize any design in our collection to fit your own taste and specifications.